Culture Point is an initiative dedicated to bringing multicultural experiences to Poland through events and programs, while also presenting Polish language and culture abroad.

We believe that cultural diversity and awareness is central to social equality. By encouraging multiculturalism in Poland and sharing Polish culture abroad, our goal is to improve cross-cultural interactions, lessen destructive biases, and create shared experiences for a more equal and tolerant society.

Culture Point was founded in Kraków in 2013. Our initiatives are designed to connect Polish people with foreign languages, customs, ideas, cuisines, art and much more. Cultural exchange events, presentations, culinary workshops and conferences are just some of our efforts.

We also offer programs that present Polish language and culture for foreigners. Modern Poland has a lot to offer, not only in language in culture, but in technology growth, art, music, philosophy and more. Expanding the picture of modern Poland for foreigners is one of our core missions.

Our mission of multi-cultural exposure is especially significant in a time of globalization, where remote working, immigration, refugee crisis, human rights issues, and humanitarian efforts are at the forefront of global discussion in Europe. Poland’s rapid transformation into a global economy represents a critical need to promote diversity and cultivate cultural understanding.

We openly invite anyone to participate in Culture Point’s mission, whether you have Polish culture to share, or want to connect with Polish language and culture.